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donderdag 28 mei 2009

Baby Gassy Gooma (in English)

Baby Gassy Gooma is a story of passion, purpose, and perseverance. A story about following your heart in order to do that thing that truly has your passion. And to give wings to your dreams.
When founder Gretchen quit her secure job to realize a cherished dream, she could not imagine that it would be such a success. Armed with no more than faith and passion she started this creative dream.
First they released their Internet site as a design portfolio for individual customers to place custom orders. It was like a snowball effect. Not much later Gretchen signed a contract for a boutique that requested a wholesale catalog. Since 2007 the brand has gone worldwide.

What can you buy there?

The site is just worthwhile a visit because of the relaxing background music and beautiful pictures. In the shop you’ll find beautiful dresses and edgy ensembles that put forward their eye for detail. To complete your ensemble they also sell accessories like headbands, crochet hats and beanies.
For baby’s they sell diaper covers that are just too cute to be true, bibs and adorable little shoes. And very original a high chair tutu skirt. Just perfect for you daughters first birthday!
Not only you can lose your heart by buying clothes for your daughters closet but they’ve also thought about their moms. Imagine hip slings, romantic furniture and adorable gift items.

Setting the trend

A nice thing about Baby Gassy Gooma is that they are truly trendsetters. Their models for instance where not found the ordinary way by a casting or models agency, but in another original way; they send parents free clothes in which those parents photographed their daughters. A win-win situation. Baby Gassy Gooma had their models, the parents had free clothes and where given full control in how to portray their daughters.
 With Gooma Girls they try to bridge the gap between designers who are looking for a model and parents who want to get their daughters acquainted with modeling in a safe and sound way.

A clear vision of her goals

Despite of her success Gretchen has a clear vision of her goals: “The ultimate goal is not to be the biggest boutique brand in the industry, but to make myself useful to God in serving people. This is why I don't mind talking of my inexperience in this industry because I want the spotlight to be on Him and what He can do, not on me or anything I have done. I have honked my own horn enough in my lifetime and can do without it. I really can”.


I just love it. And my request for some pictures to go with my article confirmed this opinion. Within seconds I received a kind answer back. And they kindly send me 10 pictures by e-mail that day. Even my question is it possible for us Dutch women to buy something in your web shop, was quickly answered with a positive yes. Overall: a big plus.

Because of my Communications background I also find Baby Gassy Gooma an interesting concepts. A beautiful example of corporate storytelling, products that meet the needs of their target group and a creative way of bringing it under the attention of their target group. They practice an interesting sales policy by selling clothes online that are only available in their web shop. And last but not least a good customer service. In short: In the nearby future I will most certainly buy some clothes for one of my 2 daughters. The euro’s strong exchange rate makes this even more easy. I will keep you updated.

Pictures are property of Baby Gassy Gooma. They may not be copied or duplicated without their permission.

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