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dinsdag 3 november 2009

Dan dan ( in English)

One of the main things I enjoy by owning a blog is to discover something new every day; new brands, new products, new…well you name it and I’ll find it. This world is full of create people creating new things every day and every day is a glorious opportunity to discover it, capture it, fall in love with it and to share that contagious feeling with you.

Designed to grow with the child
One of the new things I discover was Dan dan. A Japanes name for a New York City-based label. Dan dan is a Japanese word for "gradually" or "step by step." Owner/designer Aiko Decelles launched it in 2008. Dan dan is designed to grow with the child providing adjustable and expandable features for growth and reversible features for versatility. This keen expansion system is integrated in the whole line allowing children to grow and look great in their favorite clothes.

Drama called ‘very favorite dress’
Source of inspiration was Aiko’s niece who grew out of her “very favorite dress”. As a mother of two, and having a daughter who would like to wear her favorite dresses every day because of the way they look and the way they make her feel (special), I know how heartbreaking it can be to have to say goodbye to on dress because she grew out of it. This heartbreaking image made such a deep impact on Aiko that she left a career on Wall Street to pursue her passion for creativity in design. She traces her passion to her grandparents who designed kimono fabric and traditional dolls in Japan.

These shops do carry the Dan dan line:


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