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maandag 16 november 2009

Mischka Aoki (in English)

Mischka Aoki it’s finally crossed the ocean”, stated the enthusiastic reaction that I got back by e-mail on my request for photo’s. Well crossing was a little bit out of lauge. It mainly crossed the internet and landed in my e-mail box by a newsletter. The amazing pictures were the first thing to caught my eye. I totally fell in love with it and wanted to know who was behind there garments. Now I know so I am determent to introduce this fabulous new brand to you Dutch mothers. Mischka Aoki might be relatively new but when you see these gorgeous pieces from their début collection you will know that this label has the potential to grow out to be a leading name in child clothing and is one to reckon with.

You’re never too young to look stylish
Mischka Aoki was created from a passion for style and fashion. Founder Winnie realized there wasn’t a clothing line for the mini-fashionista among us. For those mothers who-like herself- like to give their daughters an instant star feeling every day, no occasion necessary. Church, a Summer pick nick or just an ordinary tea party on an weekday? Mischka Aoki designs clothes for the style conscious mother and baby who sets themselves apart from the crowd.

Dress to impress
Playing dress ups’ with mummy’s outfits will be a trend of the past. Mischka Aoki turns every ordinary day into a magical moment. Each dress is adorned with beautiful handmade ornament like tule rosettes or Swarovki Crystals. They are extremely stylish and elegant. For example some of the dresses do have a Chanel inspired pearl chain attached to the fabric.The collection has the vision the “dress to impress” all over it and reflects that in an amazing way. Fabrics and ornaments are selected worldwide and thus exclusiveness is guaranteed. Mischka Aoki is a pleasant new face in the high-end girls clothing market.

Prizes and sizing
The prices range from 149 until 229 Australian dollars which is about 95-145 Euro’s.

The clothing is available in sizes 12 months – 36 months. Mischka Aoki’s sizing is based on Australian Standard sizes:
Generally Size 12M = age 9-18Months
Size 24M = 18-30Months
Size 36M = 30 – 42 Months

However Mischka Aoki’s range is quite a fitted style. The style needs to fit as close to the body as possible therefore right measurement when buying is quite important. Mischka Aoki is happy to provide their customers with measurement for each/ any items they’re interested to purchase. Just sent them an email at .So they can provide you with measurement for each individual item for: chest circumference, waist circumference, length of dress etc etc.

My opinion
Within the history of GoodGirls we have rarely experienced to get back so much information within such a short amount of time. Photo request? Questions? You name it but by the blink of an eye I received an e-mail back with the requested photo, or an answer to my question. All as kind and enthusiastic as can be. That’s the way how we like it and gives you a great score. When you combine these fast service with marvellous great pieces of clothing than you have won us over.

Mischka Aoki makes those kind of garments what makes my heart as a mother go beat a little faster. Like no one else they understand that every day with your little girl is special one and you can turn it into a magic moment of your own.

I’ve seen a lot of clothing designed for children. But when all is said and done it’s obviously shows is children clothing. The prints, materials or fabrics tell you that it is destine for children. Mischka Aoki takes the concept of child clothing to a next level. Without harming the beauty and innocence of childhood. Their use of colours and materials is thought over yet sophisticated. So they can create a black dress without making it look harsh and using white lacy material without making it look too goody goody. Their collection reflects so much serenity and pureness that you are captivated by it.

With their first collection Mischka Aoki makes an indelible imprison. There’s a bright looking future ahead for them and we wonder how they will surprise us next time

Pictures are property of Mischka Aoki. They may not be copied or duplicated without their permission.

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