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donderdag 12 november 2009

Opal Petit Clothier (in English)

During one of my quests to search the Internet for new clothing brands I accidently stumbled upon the site of Opal Petit Clothier. What could have been a unforeseen meeting turned out to be an evening filled with inspiration. At the end of the evening I was totally smitten! It turned out I was not the only one. In my e-mail contact with Tammi Swanson she told me that there was much interest from The Netherland. So I thought it is about time that we from GoodGirls should spend a blog about it.

Founder Tammi Swanson is blessed with so much talent. She’s just one of those women who can do it all and it actually works out in an amazing way. Beside from a children’s clothing designer she’s a photographer, stylist and, makeup artist and used to be a model. The stylist in Tammi was always searching for the perfect items for a photo shoot. When you have been surrounded by fashion shoots and the fashion industry for as long as you can remember, it only feels natural that you were caught by this contagious world. And hence that sparked her dream to follow her passion; children’s editorial photography and designing children’s photography.

Vintage European elegance worn casually
Opal Petit Clothier is all about creating a story that evokes the mood and the beauty of childhood. They find inspiration in renaissance painting, pale sea/sand colors, tree-lined paths, small towns, farms, countryside, formal gardens. But most of all they love vintage European elegance worn casually. Cause that’s the way children naturally do.

My opinion
Opal Petit Clothiers’ clothing is breathtaking gorgeous. If fashion is an universal language it’s for sure that this is said with these clothing in mind because words fail to describe it, they’re insufficient. You have to see it…touch it…and experience it. Opal Petit Clothier has the word timeless written all over it. It reminds you of those careless childhood years when you thought the world was one big playfield. That you didn’t want to sleep at night because you didn’t want to miss out on a wonderful experience.

The sober colors and rich textiles remind you of timeless clothing like Jottum or Jil en Sil. Opal Petit Clothier designs the kind of garments that make you want to capture every detail, touch the fabric and still you’re mesmerized by its beauty and ability to bring out the best and everything that is beautiful for the person who wears it. Of course they passed our photo test with great honors.

So take your time, flip through the pages of the collection, let yourselves be taken away and fall in love. And when you came across something you want no need to have, please let Tammi know. Payments can be made easily and save by Paypal. You should also take the effort to visit Tammi’s blog so you get a sneak peak and insider information about what’s really going on during and after photoshoots.

Pictures are property of Opal Petit Clothier. They may not be copied or duplicated without their permission.


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