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zaterdag 29 augustus 2009

I LOVE gorgeous (in English)

I Love Gorgeous makes lovely, wearable clothes for girls aged from 12 months to 13 years old (see our June article). They aim to provide high quality, designed clothes for girls by using traditional techniques. And that’s a one thing that's for sure. Take this Blue star Marie Antoinette Dress for instance. When I first saw it, it was love at First sight. I couldn’t help but think “get it, get it, get it” and I couldn’t refrain myself from stop thinking about how this dress will look on my daughter for her 3th birthday. Gorgeous layers of hot pink under skirting and ruffles and on top the rich blue and star pattern makes this a must have for the winter holiday season. Bell cuffs, 3/4 length sleeves, empire waist for that princess touch, ribbon accent in front that ties in back. You can be sure about this: She will love this (as much as her mommy)!

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I LOVE gorgeous (in English)