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maandag 4 januari 2010

It was a Good year for GoodGirls!

With the beginning of a new year people tend to look back over their shoulder and gaze at what has been. We at GoodGirls also like to take the opportunity to look back. If it was not for realizing how much fun we had this past year. How much new brands, products and names we launched into the world by this blog.

Share the experience
I could tell you a story saying that with the establishment of GoodGirls a cherishes dream came true. But to be true it’s not that deep. Long awaited sounds so…well long and I am only 26. As a mother of two daughters I thought it would be a nice thing to write about stuff that caught my attention and share experiences with all people around the globe. Sometime you just want to know another mothers experience before you decide to buy a product online.

Since the end of may we gathered a steady group of readers. I am not talking about subscribers but people that return on a regularly base. For me it started just as a hobby but knowing that others enjoy the article is very satisfying. That’s what it was all about. And when people feel free to give feedback and complete my information than I’m really thrilled. Thank you so much for that!

Good memories
For me last year did not only produce good articles but it mainly about produced good memories. Memories about days in which I send e-mails with a photo request, the pleasurable anticipation of receiving them, hours filled with watching beautiful pictures, sometimes struggle because I couldn’t find the right words for the things I wanted to say, the satisfaction of a finished article that catches up positive critics. I keep good memories on most of the articles.

Down here I made a top 10 about my favorites. So why a top 10? A top 20 could also have been possible but when after elimination I there were 13 left I pushed myself to make a top 10. Three had to go and that was a tough decision. Fortunately 10 is only a number. Selection criteria were; smoothness of contact, the speed people send back pictures, the enthusiasm people responded at my request, the completeness of the information and the response to my article.

I want to make this clear; there are no losers. Every single product and brand that has been written about at Good Girls is a winner. But some of them keep a special place in your hart because they made quiet the impression.

1. Baby Gassy Gooma
The undisputed number one is without a doubt Baby Gassy Gooma. It was one of the first companies that I approached. I was touched by their hospitality and enthusiasm. Inexperienced at that time, my experiences with them gave me a good push in the right direction. After I read what they wrote about me I really know that this approached was something I had to continue and used it with many other companies.

2. Opal Petit Clothier
The second position is for Opal Petit Clothier. Their clothes are almost too good to be true. Tammi’s story really inspired me. I think it’s great when people start doing what they do best and just go for it. It’s not about knowing the right paths but it’s also about dedication and perseverance. Tammi wrote this about it.

3. Mischka Aoki
Mischka Aoki
is third. I wrote this about it: “Within the history of GoodGirls we have rarely experienced to get back so much information within such a short amount of time. Photo request? Questions? You name it but by the blink of an eye I received an e-mail back with the requested photo, or an answer to my question. All as kind and enthusiastic as can be. That’s the way how we like it and gives you a great score. When you combine these fast service with marvelous great pieces of clothing than you have won us over”.

4. Toverstaartjes
The fourth place goes out to Toverstaartjes. We accidentally on Twitter. Their practive attitude of sending me some hair piecs won me over. Because sometimes you just want to experience the product. '

5. Princess Ratbag
Princess Ratbag was one of my fisrt meetings with the Australian market. Owner Candice Collier was very kind while I asked her for picture. Kindness is always a great way to score. This online shop is worth a visit. She would like to see European people to get to know her lovely skirts and especially us Dutch moms. The use of Internet makes the world a global village so it's no longer impossible to get an authentically product from 'Down Under'.

6. Mill& Mia
Mill & Mia stole my heart with their gorgeous silk dresses. In the couple of months after the article I often received information on art classes organized for children, new collections and all kinds of stuff that makes it transcend children’s apparel. When their director can find time to write me a personal note on how he enjoyed the article in which he stated that in future I can always ask them for more information, well that’s how you got me hooked up.
7. Beep Beep Slings
The seventh place is for Beep Beep slings they sell edge and goodlooking slings. Slings without knots a d straps but with one promise; you can have your baby very close to you. Not only they send me information, send a shipping card but they also let me know that readers from my blog could get a bib for free.

8. Oobi
Oobi neemt de achtste plek in. It’s a inspiring story about what a company of four can achieve. Oobi passionately believes in high-end design without the high-end price tags. Oobi is made to be worn by every child from everywhere. The expanding numbers of sold products make this possible. Oobi likes to share their success. That;’s why they donate a part of their eranings and products to the ones who really need it.

9. Think Kookie
This place is for Think Kookie. A nice clothing brand for children that creates funky designs. Because of their different designs and fabrics they appeal to a broad range of people. Suitable for every moment.

10. Right Bank Babies
The tent place is for Right Bank Babies. Their name refers to Rive Droite; the right bak of the Seine River, Paris. Without a doubt the fashion district. Right Bank Babies philosophy is to use different styles that surpasses fashion trends. Beautiful clothing not only for special occasions. Not only is it very original that you can wear some pieces reversible but this also give your favorite outfit a new look every time you’re wearing it.

GoodGirls wishes all readers a happy and blessed 2010!

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